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Vape Detection is now accessible to everyone

ResiSense Vape Detector can work as a stand alone unit or as a part of a WiFi connected Smart detection system.

This is Vape Detection without the costly subscriptions, software licenses or hidden costs.   

A simple yet effective solution to the Vaping crisis gripping our country.  



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Resisense Vape Detector

Get to know the ResiSense Vape Detector 

Install in minutes and connect wirelessly

Designed to be installed in all residential, education or commercial settings the ResiSense vape detector is your low cost vaping solution tailored to meet the needs of all environments it is installed in. ResiSense Smart Vape Detector offers a scalable solution with installation that is quick and hassle free.

Sensor positions of ResiSense Vape Detector
Smart Vape Detector
Make well-informed decisions

The ResiSense Vape Detector has a distinct audible alarm that sounds when an incident of vaping occurs. 

You will also be informed when adverse environmental factors like high CO2, high humidity, or other parameters are breached in your school, home or workplace

Integrate seamlessly into your environment

This simple low cost solution Is your go to device that instantly provides you with the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to create a healthy environment for your family, coworkers, tenants or student in your care.

Powered mounting plate for ResiSense Vape Detector

A Vape Detection solution for any space

Young man using disposable electronic cigarette during work on laptop at home. Vape smokin

For Homes and Properties

Used as a standalone unit or Wifi Connected to a Smart home app you can now monitor when your children or tenants are vaping in your home. 

ResiSense Vape Detector in school

Install Vape Detectors at Schools

Monitor and act on incidents of Vaping in your school to improve health and well being of students, staff and visitors

ResiSense Vape in Cafe

Vape Detection for Businesses and Commercial spaces

Detect Vaping in your home and increase health and security by installing Vape Detectors to accuratly monitor air quality. 

Vape Detector for Home
  • Are vape detectors difficult to install and use?
    ResiSense Vape Detectors are designed for easy installation and operation. They come with clear instructions and can be connected to existing Smart Device networks, such as Tuay Smart and Grid Connect for remote monitoring. ResiSense Vape Detectors offer plug-and-play setup, making them user-friendly and efficient.
  • How does a vape detection system work?
    ResiSense Vape Detectors use advanced sensors to identify the presence of chemicals and particulates in vapor. When these substances are detected, the system triggers an instant alert as a loud audible alert, and a can be sent via the connected app to a mobile phone
  • Can vape detection systems integrate with existing security setups?
    Yes, ResiSense Vape Detectors can be integrated with existing Smart security systems such as Tuya Smart and Grid Connect. Once connected to these Smart connect apps they offer comprehensive monitoring and seamless integration with other security or monitoring equipment.
  • What types of environments can benefit most from vape detectors?
    ResiSense Vape Detectors are versatile and can benefit a variety of environments, including homes, schools, businesses, hospitals, and other public spaces. They help maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere by detecting and alerting users to vaping activities.
  • What features should I look for in a vape detection system?
    When selecting a vape detection system, look for key features such as real-time monitoring, remote alerts, easy installation, privacy compliance, and integration capabilities with existing Smart Connect apps. ResiSense Vape Detectors offer these features to meet diverse needs effectively.
  • How do vape detectors handle privacy concerns?
    ResiSense Vape Detectors focus solely on detecting chemicals associated with vaping and do not use cameras or recording devices. This ensures that privacy is maintained, as the detectors do not capture audio or visual data, adhering to privacy regulations. ResiSense Vape Detectors offer plug-and-play setup and do not need to be connected to any networked system making very secure.
  • What are the health risks associated with vaping?
    Vaping exposes users to harmful chemicals such as nicotine, which can lead to addiction, lung damage, and cardiovascular issues. Additionally, vaping can introduce other toxic substances, contributing to respiratory problems and long-term health risks.
  • What benefits do vape detectors provide for schools?
    ResiSense Vape Detectors help schools enforce anti-vaping policies and create a safer learning environment. They provide real-time alerts about vaping activities, allowing administrators to take immediate action, reduce incidents, and promote student well-being.
  • How can businesses benefit from vape detection systems?
    Businesses can use ResiSense Vape Detectors to maintain air quality, ensure compliance with workplace policies, and protect the health of employees and customers. These systems are ideal for offices, retail spaces, and industrial settings, enhancing overall workplace safety.
  • Why should I use a vape detector in my home?
    Installing a ResiSense Vape Detector at home helps monitor and prevent vaping, particularly among children and teenagers. It ensures a healthier indoor environment by reducing exposure to harmful substances released by vaping, thus protecting your family's health.
AJ662 Vape Detector

Want to find the right solution for your home, school, office or business?

Contact us to learn more about monitoring incidents of  vaping today.

ResiSense Vape Detector in Westfield shopping centre
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